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Plant dyed yarn

Plant-dyed yarns offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative in yarn crafting. Derived from natural botanical sources, the yarn features unique shades inspired by the rich plant palette. Its eco-friendly production aligns with the growing demand for sustainable textiles. In addition to its environmentally friendly properties, plant-dyed yarns offer excellent color fastness and a soft, natural feel. Craftsmen appreciate their versatility in creating eco-conscious and visually appealing projects, making them a top choice for those seeking quality and ethical awareness in their yarn selections . Our Lace Yarn W510-3153# 700m/100g and Aran Yarn W332-2688# 137.5m/100g are crafted using plant-dyed yarn.

Colourful aran wool yarn W147

  • Yarn: W147
  • Fiber: 100% wool
  • Length: 185yd/170m
  • Weight: 100grams
  • Shape: donut ball
  • Needle size: 4.5-5.4mm

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