Product description:

DK woven yarn W516 is a high quality textile material made from a blend of 75% super washed merino wool and 25% nylon. It has excellent texture and a wide selection of colors, making it an excellent choice for your hand knitting and knitting projects.


The fleece consists of 75% super-washed merino wool and 25% nylon. Known for its excellent quality, super-washed merino wool is a soft, comfortable, and durable fiber. The addition of nylon enhances the strength and durability of the velvet, making it more durable.

SUPER WASTED MERINO WOOL: Merino wool is a high quality wool fiber that has been treated with super water to be soft, comfortable and warm. The wool has been specially treated and can be machine washed without shrinking or deforming, making it very easy to maintain. Super-washed merino wool provides excellent warmth and comfort to the blended fleece, making it ideal for making warm items such as winter clothing, scarves, and shawls.

Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fiber with excellent strength and durability. By blending nylon with merino wool, the durability and tensile strength of the fleece can be increased, making it more durable and less prone to wear. This makes DK underwear yarn W516 ideal for making items that are frequently used and need to withstand daily wear and tear, such as gloves, socks, and household items.

The advantage of blended fleece is that it combines the characteristics of different materials, so that fleece has more comprehensive properties. 75% merino wool ensures the fleece’s softness and warmth, while the added 25% nylon provides extra strength and durability. This combination allows DK underwear yarn W516 to maintain comfort while also having sufficient durability and longevity.


The yarn spool is 225m/100g, which means the length of yarn is 225 meters for every 100 grams of fleece. This specification is suitable for a wide variety of hand knitting and knitting projects, enabling you to create pieces of all sizes and styles.


SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Thanks to its super-washed merino wool, this blended fleece is very soft and comfortable to touch the skin, giving you a warm and comfortable feeling.

Strong durability: The addition of nylon makes the fleece more durable, can withstand daily use and washing, and maintain its beauty and quality for a long time.

Rich color choices: DK knitted yarn W516 offers a wide variety of color options, enabling you to choose the most suitable color according to your preferences and project needs.


Sweaters and knitwear: You can use this fleece to make soft, warm, and stylish sweaters and knitwear.

Scarves and shawls: The softness of this velvet makes it perfect for making scarves and shawls, bringing you comfort and style.

Hat and gloves: You can use this fleece to knit hats and gloves to keep yourself and your family warm and protected.