Material and composition

Royal Yarns lace yarn W521 is made of the finest materials, 90% of which is super washed merino wool, a renowned wool variety with excellent warmth and softness. The remaining 10% is carefully selected pure silk, which gives the fabric its unique luster and elegance. This perfect blend ratio allows the W521 lace yarn to have both the warm characteristics of wool and the silky feel of silk.

Yarn count and texture

The lace yarn W521 is made of high density yarn and is 1,200 meters long per 100 grams of yarn. This fine yarn gives the fabric an extremely fine texture and a high degree of uniformity. Each fiber is carefully woven to show a unique lace texture, which is delicate and delicate. Its soft texture gives you ultimate comfort, meeting the highest standards in terms of how it feels on your skin and how comfortable you wear it.

Features and advantages

  1. UNIQUE DESIGN: The lace yarn W521 is designed with a unique lace texture, showing a delicate and elegant style. It can add endless charm to your clothing, housewares, and crafts.
  2. Warmth and comfort: The excellent thermal properties of super-washed merino wool make lace yarn W521 an ideal choice for winter. It’s lightweight, soft, and effectively locks in body heat, leaving you feeling warm and comfortable.
  3. Luster and elegance: The 10% pure silk blend gives lace yarn W521 its unique luster and delicate touch. This high quality fabric will make you look unique and elegant on any occasion.
  4. Versatility and durability: The versatile nature of lace yarn W521 makes it an ideal choice for a variety of uses. Whether used for clothing, home decor, or handicraft, it shows excellent durability and fine detail.

Your Choice, Our Promise

Royal Yarns is committed to providing you with the highest quality lace yarn W521. Every product undergoes strict quality control to ensure you get impeccable fabrics. Whether you’re looking for warm winter clothing, elegant home decor, or unique handicraft materials, lace yarn W521 has you covered.

The delicate texture and delicate texture of lace yarn W521 make it the first choice for designers and artists. It can be used to create gorgeous dresses, elegant dresses, and even fine accessories. Its noble luster and detailed treatment can give your work a unique artistic taste.

Furthermore, the lace yarn W521 also has excellent durability and easy care characteristics. You can safely wash and maintain it while maintaining its original quality and beauty.

Whether you are a fashion lover, artist, or someone who has strict requirements for quality, lace yarn W521 will be the perfect choice for you. It gives you unlimited creative space and comfort to wear, making you stand out from the crowd.

Treat yourself to elegance and comfort by choosing Loyal Yarns lace yarn W521. Make this high quality fabric part of your life and show off your unique style. Buy lace yarn W521 now and start a new chapter in luxury and quality!