Composition: This yarn is made of 100% silk, a high-quality hand-knitting yarn. Silk has a lustrous feel, softness and breathability that makes silk yarn S003 both beautiful and comfortable.

Yarn count: The yarn has a count of 500m/100g, which is a finer yarn and is suitable for various hand knitting projects such as thin shirts, thin scarves, thin shawls, thin blankets, etc.

Color: The color selection of silk yarn S003 is very rich, including light, dark and bright colors. 24 colors are available, each color is carefully selected and matched to meet a variety of customers with different styles and needs.


Soft and comfortable: silk yarn S003 is very soft, comfortable to wear and not easy to generate static electricity.

Silk luster: Because it is made of 100% silk, silk yarn S003 has the luster of silk, giving the woven product a more textured feel.

Breathability: Silk has excellent breathability, making silk yarn S003 comfortable to wear in the summer.

Ductility: silk yarn S003 has good ductility, which keeps the shape and elasticity of the woven product.

Fine yarn: Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes, silk yarn S003 is very fine and knits a detailed, exquisite product.

Usage: silk yarn S003 is suitable for various hand-knitting projects, such as thin shirts, thin scarves, thin shawls, thin blankets, etc. You need to unravel the yarn before use, then use it section by section, and you can adjust the yarn’s looseness at any time. When knitting, you can choose different needle sizes, depending on the size and looseness of the desired knitted item.

Care: Silk yarn S003 is very easy to care for, it can be hand washed or machine washed using a mild detergent, the water temperature should not be too high and it is best not to use bleach. After washing should be laid flat to dry, not exposed to the sun or drying. It is important to note that silk yarn S003 is not resistant to high temperatures and should not be dried in hot water or hot air to avoid damaging the fibers. In addition, the yarn should avoid rubbing with sharp objects to avoid scratching or pulling.

After-sales guarantee: We provide perfect after-sales guarantee, if you encounter quality problems during the use of our products, you can contact us for return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the products. We will provide you with excellent after-sales service to ensure your shopping experience and use experience.

Does the color of Icelandic silk fade?

The color of Icelandic silk does not fade easily, but the durability of the color is affected by a number of factors. The following factors affect the durability of the color:

Light: Prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong light will cause the color to fade gradually.

Temperature: Excessive temperature will make the color fade faster, so avoid using excessively hot water or exposure to high temperatures when washing.

Detergent: Using strong alkaline or bleach detergent will damage the fiber structure of Icelandic silk and cause the color to fade.

Friction: Friction causes abrasion of the fiber surface, resulting in color fading.

Therefore, in order to maintain the color of Icelandic silk, it is recommended to use a mild detergent when washing, the water temperature should not be too high, and avoid sunlight and exposure to high temperatures.

In addition, it is best to wash it on its side to avoid rubbing it against other clothes, which may affect the durability of the color. Also, Icelandic silk needs to avoid rubbing against sharp objects or rough surfaces to avoid scratching or pulling. If you take care of Icelandic silk and use it properly, the color should stay intact for a long time.