Product advantages:

  1. HIGH QUALITY COMPOSITION: Sparkle yarn W429 uses 94% super-washed merino wool and 6% Nepp blend to ensure the softness and durability of the product. Merino wool has excellent warmth and a fleece texture that gives the fabric a warm and comfortable touch.
  2. Excellent textile process: We use advanced textile technology to ensure the quality and uniformity of sparkle yarn W429. Each coil is carefully treated to ensure no knots, no defects, and easy to weave.
  3. Versatility: sparkle yarn W429 is suitable for all kinds of fabric products, such as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. Its high-quality composition and textile process make the fabric extremely warm and comfortable, suitable for fall and winter fashion and outdoor wear.
  4. Beautiful textured effect: The blended design of sparkle yarn W429 adds a unique texture and visual effect to the fabric. The addition of Nepp gives the fabric a slightly grained texture, adding a unique style and texture to your work.

Applicable scenarios:

  1. Fashion clothing: sparkle yarn W429 is suitable for designing and making all kinds of fashion clothing, such as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. Its soft texture and beautiful texture effect can add a unique charm to your clothing creations.
  2. Winter clothing: Because of the excellent thermal insulation properties of sparkle yarn W429, it is ideal for making winter clothing. You can knit warm sweaters, jackets, socks, etc. to provide you with a comfortable and stylish winter option.
  3. Interior decoration: sparkle yarn W429 can also be used for interior decoration, such as weaving warm blankets, cushions, carpets, etc. Its soft touch and beautiful texture can add warmth and comfort to the home environment.

Product specifications:

  1. Yarn: Sparkle yarn W429 has a yarn spool of 325m/100g, which is suitable for a variety of weaving projects.
  2. Color options: sparkle yarn W429 offers a rich selection of colors to suit your different needs and preferences.
  3. Packaging specifications: sparkle yarn W429 is usually supplied in bundles or boxes to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and storage.

Dosage recommendations:

  1. Know the fabric density: Before choosing how to use sparkle yarn W429, you need to know the density of the fabric you need to weave. Fabric density is usually expressed in terms of the number of stitches or stitches per inch (or centimeter). Based on the fabric density, you can calculate how much sparkle yarn W429 you need.
  2. Reference pattern or design: If you are using a specific pattern or design, the pattern may specify the number of coils or lines required. Following the pattern’s guidance, you can determine how much sparkle yarn W429 you need.
  3. Sample testing: Before starting large-scale weaving, it is recommended to make a small sample to test the required amount of sparkle yarn W429. With sample testing, you can evaluate the texture, density, and appearance of the fabric to determine the best amount to use.
  4. Recommended dosage range: According to our experience, sparkle yarn W429 usually requires 3 to 5 coils for every 100 grams of woven material. However, the exact amount still depends on your weaving project and personal preferences.

The above recommendations are for reference only, and the exact dosage may vary from project to project. Sample testing before actual weaving is recommended, and adjustments are made as needed. If you have any questions or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to support and help you!