Silk bamboo fiber yarn is a high quality textile raw material, made from a blend of high quality silk and bamboo fiber. This blending process gives silk bamboo fiber yarn the softness of silk and the durability of bamboo fiber, while also having the sparkle of silk and the luster of silk.

Royal Yarns silk bamboo fiber yarn uses the most advanced production process to ensure that each yarn is of extremely high quality and purity, and yarn of different specifications and colors can be customized according to customer needs. In addition, our products also have various functions such as antibacterial, anti-odor, anti-UV, etc., so that the woven fabric can be more healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

The silk and bamboo fibers we use are all natural fibers and do not contain harmful substances, and our production process minimizes the impact on the environment, such as saving energy and reducing waste water and exhaust emissions. If you have any questions about environmental certification, Loyal Yarns can provide more information and support so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Product characteristics

  1. Environmentally friendly material: Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of being renewable and degradable. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good biodegradability.
  2. Comfortable: Bamboo fiber has good breathability, moisture absorption and softness. It can effectively regulate body temperature and keep your skin naturally comfortable.
  3. LUXURIOUS FEELING: Silk fiber has the characteristics of being shiny, silky, lightweight and breathable, making your creations radiant.
  4. Antibacterial and odor-resistant: Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial and odor-resistant properties to help keep skin healthy.
  5. Dyeing performance: Silk bamboo fiber yarn has excellent dyeing properties, bright and long-lasting colors, and can meet various creative needs.

Scope of application

Silk bamboo fiber yarn is suitable for all kinds of hand knitting projects, such as:

  • Scarves, shawls
  • Sweaters, cardigans
  • Baby blankets, home accessories
  • gloves, hat
  • socks, etc.

Use and maintenance recommendations

  • Use steel or bamboo needles to knit to prevent yarn fraying.
  • Follow the recommended needle size and stitch spacing on the yarn label for best results.
  • When cleaning, use mild detergent, hand wash or gentle machine wash to protect the texture of the yarn.
  • After cleaning, roll up the product on a towel, gently squeeze to remove excess moisture, unfold to dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

When collecting, please put the product in an airtight bag away from moisture, sunlight, and insects.

Silk bamboo fiber yarn is widely used in high-end clothing, home accessories, handicrafts and other fields, especially for consumers seeking comfort and high quality. This yarn fiber is fine, soft, and shiny, and can make high-end fabrics, such as high-grade suits, dresses, wedding dresses, etc. At the same time, the yarn also has strong wear resistance and tensile strength, making the woven fabric more durable. In addition, silk bamboo fiber yarn can also be used for handicraft products such as knitting and crocheting to make exquisite jewelry, home decorations, etc., and has high market value.

Our silk bamboo fiber yarn is of excellent quality, stable performance, and reasonable price, making it your best choice for making high quality fabrics and crafts. Whether you’re a fabric producer, home decor manufacturer, or craft maker, we can provide products and services that meet your needs.