DK cotton yarn W336, a high quality textile made from a blend of 50% super-washed merino wool and 50% bamboo fiber. Combining the benefits of merino wool and bamboo fibers, this blend offers you the perfect combination of comfort, softness, and environmental friendliness.


Super Washed Merino Wool: This wool comes from selected varieties of merino sheep and has been specially washed to give it excellent softness and comfort. It has excellent warming properties to keep your body warm in cold weather.

Bamboo fiber: Bamboo fiber is a natural eco-friendly material. It has excellent breathability and moisture absorption, making you feel dry and comfortable when using velvet. In addition, bamboo fiber also has antibacterial properties, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, and provide you with a healthy and clean usage experience.

Dyeing process:

Our DK dyeing yarn W336 uses an advanced dyeing process to ensure the fullness and durability of the color. We dye with eco-friendly dyes to minimise our impact on the environment. This dyeing process not only gives the velvet yarn a vivid and long-lasting color, but also ensures an even distribution of colors, making your handmade work more beautiful and appealing.

Dosage recommendations for DK handmade yarn W336 vary from project to project, depending on the size and design of the specific handicraft you are making. Here are some general usage guidelines, but please note that it’s best to measure and calculate accurately according to your needs before specific projects:

  • Knitting sweaters: Generally, the amount of DK knitted yarn W336 required to knit a sweater depends on the size of the sweater, the design, and the knitting needle size chosen. Generally speaking, for an adult medium sweater, it takes about 400 grams to 600 grams of DK sweater yarn W336.
  • Scarves and shawls: The amount of scarves and shawls used depends on the desired length and width, as well as the chosen knitting needle size and spinning density. Generally, it takes about 100 grams to 200 grams of DK sweater yarn W336 to make a medium length scarf.
  • Hats and gloves: Hats and gloves are used less often and usually require about 50 grams to 100 grams of DK cotton yarn W336. The exact dosage depends on the circumference of the head and the size of the gloves.

Care and washing reminder:

  • Gentle wash: A gentle washing method is recommended to clean DK underwear yarn W336. It’s best to wash by hand, or choose the washing machine’s gentle or fleece wash program. Avoid strong stirring or heavy rubbing to prevent the fleece from being damaged or deformed.
  • Use mild detergents: Choose mild detergents, preferably those designed specifically for wool and fiber blended items. Avoid using bleach or detergents with strong acid ingredients to avoid damage to the fleece.
  • Water temperature control: Use suitable water temperature for washing. Avoid using too hot water, as high temperatures may cause the fleece to shrink or deform. Warm or cold water is recommended.
  • Gently dehydrate: After washing, gently squeeze out any excess moisture to avoid twisting or rubbing the velvet with force. The fleece can be gently rolled up, then wrapped in a towel and lightly pressed to absorb excess moisture.
  • Dry on a flat surface: When drying velvet, it is best to lay it flat in a well-ventilated area to avoid direct sun exposure. You can use a towel base to absorb moisture. Do not hang or hang to dry, as this may cause the fleece to deform.
  • AVOID HOT IRONING: DK ironing yarn W336 does not usually require hot ironing. If ironing is required, choose a low temperature mode and cover the velvet with a wet towel or use a steam iron.
  • Mothproof and moisture-proof: When storing fleece, keep it in a dry, ventilated place away from sunlight. To prevent pests, an insect repellent can be placed in the case or bag where the velvet is stored.