Product description:

Chunky yarn W320 is a high quality, soft and comfortable yarn made from a careful blend of 75% super-washed merino wool and 25% silk. This yarn is prized for its excellent texture and versatility. Whether you are a fan of hand knitting, a crochet craftsman, or a textile professional, Chunky yarn W320 will be the perfect choice for you to create beautiful pieces.

Chunky Yarn W320’s 75% super-washed merino wool composition provides you with a soft, warm, and comfortable feeling. This fleece has excellent insulating properties and can keep you warm during the cold season. The super-wash treatment technology makes merino wool more durable and is easy to clean and maintain, making your fabric last longer.

At the same time, the 25% silk content in Chunky Yarn W320 gives the fabric a gorgeous luster and drapness. Silk is a natural fiber that is soft and comfortable, and can add a delicate texture to your creations. It also has good moisture absorption properties, keeping items you knit with Chunky Yarn W320 cool and breathable in summer.

Chunky yarn W320 has a thread length of 97m/100g, which provides just the right amount of thickness and fineness, making it ideal for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects. You can use it to make warm scarves, hats, gloves, or to knit gorgeous shawls, sweaters, and other trendy clothing. Also, Chunky yarn W320 is perfect for making home decorations, toys, and other handicrafts.

Production process:

  1. Preparation of raw materials: Prepare 75% super-washed merino wool and 25% silk as the main raw materials. These raw materials are carefully screened and tested to ensure that their quality meets the requirements.
  2. Blending: Merino wool and silk are mixed in proportion. The blending process can be completed by mechanical blending or manual blending to ensure that the two fibers are mixed evenly.
  3. Spinning: Blended fibers are spun treated. In this process, the fibers are stretched, extended, and finely twisted together in a specific way to form a yarn. The spinning process can be carried out using a spinning machine, where the fibers go through multiple processes to finally form the finished yarn.
  4. Dyeing: The yarn is dyed as needed. This step can be done before or after spinning. Dyeing can be done using natural dyes or chemical dyes, selecting the appropriate color according to design requirements.
  5. Weaving/Weaving: Dyed yarn is sent to a weaving or knitting machine for production. According to product requirements and design, you can choose different weaving or knitting methods, such as plain weaving, knitting, crochet, etc. In this step, the yarns are intertwined to form a fabric or knit.
  6. Finishing and processing: Once woven or woven, the fabric needs to be finished and processed. This step includes treatments such as washing, dehydrating, and drying to ensure the quality and feel of the fabric meets requirements. In the finishing and processing process, treatments such as styling and trimming can also be carried out to make the fabric more neat and beautiful.
  7. Packaging and quality inspection: After finishing and processing, Chunky yarn W320 will undergo strict quality inspection. Products that meet the standards will be packaged, usually in rolls or bundles, to ensure that they remain intact during transportation and sale.

Core advantages:

  • EXCELLENT TEXTURE: Chunky yarn W320 uses a blend of 75% super-washed merino wool and 25% silk, giving it a soft, delicate texture. This combination of materials gives the wool an excellent feel and comfort, making you feel warm and comfortable when you use it.
  • Versatility: Chunky yarn W320 is suitable for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects. Whether you’re making scarves, hats, gloves, or designing fashion apparel such as shawls, sweaters, etc., Chunky yarn W320 can meet your needs. Also, it’s suitable for making home decorations, toys, and other handicrafts, opening up endless possibilities for your creativity.
  • Warming performance: The addition of super-washed merino wool makes Chunky yarn W320 have excellent thermal properties. Wool fiber has good thermal insulation and can keep you warm in the cold season. Whether you are doing outdoor activities or relaxing indoors, Chunky yarn W320 can provide you with a warm and comfortable experience.