Product Features:

  • High quality ingredients: Chunky yarn W223 is made of 100% super washed merino wool, which is soft, comfortable and warm.
  • Suitable for knitting all kinds of light and soft items: Chunky yarn W223 has a yarn count of 110m/100g, which is slim and soft, perfect for knitting all kinds of light and soft hand-knitted items, such as scarves, sweaters, hats, etc.
  • Soft fleece: Chunky yarn W223 has a soft fleece surface, and knitted items have a great feel and texture.
  • Rich color selection: Chunky yarn W223 is available in a wide variety of colors and shades to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.
  • High quality and stable supply: The manufacturer of Chunky yarn W223 is a professional textile manufacturer and sales company with many years of production experience and technical accumulation, which can guarantee stable quality and sufficient supply of products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of knitting needles are suitable for use?

According to the yarn count of Chunky yarn W223, 110m/100g, it is recommended to use 3-4mm needles for knitting. The specific needle size can be chosen according to your knitting project and personal knitting habits to achieve the best knitting effect and feel.

How do I deal with shrinkage and distortion of the wool?

Before using Chunky yarn W223, please wash and dry it to remove any possible impurities and odors, as well as to avoid shrinkage and distortion. When knitting, please pay attention to the tension of the yarn and knitting density to avoid too tight or too loose, which may affect the knitting effect and the quality of the finished product.

How to maintain the quality and color of the wool?

When storing, please keep Chunky yarn W223 in a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, which may affect the quality and color of the yarn. When cleaning, please use neutral detergent, avoid using bleach and strong acidic and alkaline cleaners, which may affect the quality and color of the yarn.

Is it possible to customize special colors?

Yes, the manufacturer of Chunky yarn W223 can customize special colors according to customers’ needs. Customers can provide color samples or color numbers, and the manufacturer will try to meet customers’ needs and provide quality products and services.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we do offer wholesale prices and they vary depending on order quantity and customer demand. We welcome wholesalers to contact us and we will do our best to provide high quality products and competitive prices.

Wholesale Price Discount Policy

  • Quantity discount: Our wholesale prices usually decrease gradually as the order quantity increases, so the larger the order quantity, the higher the discounted price.
  • Membership discount: We offer membership discount for our long-term partners, and members can enjoy lower wholesale prices and better services.
  • Promotional offers: We will launch promotions from time to time to provide special wholesale price discounts and other preferential policies for our customers.
  • Customized Discount: For customers who need to customize special specifications or colors, we provide customized discount policy to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Chunky yarn W223 is a high quality hand knitting yarn made from 100% superwash merino wool. It is soft, comfortable, warm and suitable for knitting a variety of light, soft hand-knitted items. We offer a wide selection of colors and customization services to meet the needs of different customers. Our Chunky yarn W223 undergoes strict quality control to ensure consistent quality in every batch.