Product advantages:

1.1 High quality materials: DK cotton yarn W335 is made of 97% super washed merino wool and 3% lurex blend. Super-washed merino wool has excellent softness and comfort, while the addition of Lurex enhances the elasticity and durability of the wool.

1.2 Delicate fiber: DK woven yarn W335 is made using spinning technology, and the yarn branch is 200m/100g, which ensures the fiber fineness of the wool. This fine fiber makes the yarn suitable for a variety of fabric projects, providing excellent knitting and knitting results.

1.3 Rich color choices: We offer a wide range of color choices to meet the needs of different customers. Whether you prefer classic neutral tones or trendy bright colors, we have the right choice for you.

1.4 Easy to clean: The characteristics of super washed merino wool make DK cotton yarn W335 easy to clean. You can hand wash or machine wash with mild detergent, and the yarn won’t shrink or deform.

How to use it:

2.1 Knitting projects: DK knitted yarn W335 is suitable for all kinds of knitting projects, such as sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. You can create different textures and pattern effects using the right needle size and knitting style.

2.2 Knitting projects: In addition to knitting, DK knitted yarn W335 is also suitable for all kinds of knitting projects, such as blankets, cushions, home decorations, etc. You can flexibly use DK knitted yarn W335 to create unique knitted works according to your own ideas and needs.

2.3 Maintenance: To maintain the quality and appearance of DK knitted yarn W335, please follow the following recommendations for maintenance:

  • Gently hand wash or machine wash, using cold water and mild detergent.
  • Avoid using bleach or strong detergents.
  • Lay flat to dry and avoid direct sun exposure.

When storing, please keep the yarn in a dry and ventilated place away from sunlight and moisture.

Please note that DK woven yarn W335 is a high quality hand woven material, and we recommend testing before use to ensure the results you expect.

Application scenarios:

  1. Hand knitting: DK knitted yarn W335 is an ideal choice for hand knitting projects. You can use it to knit a variety of stylish and warm clothing such as sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Its fiber fineness and rich color choices enable you to create unique texture and pattern effects.
  2. Home Decor: Using the benefits of DK knitted yarn W335, you can knit beautiful home decorations such as blankets, cushions, rugs, and pillows. These woven fabrics have a comfortable texture while adding warmth and personality to a home space.
  3. DIY handicrafts: DK handmade yarn W335 can also be used to make all kinds of handicrafts, such as woolen toys, fleece art, woven jewelry, etc. You can be creative and combine DK woven yarn W335 with other materials to create unique handmade works.
  4. Gift making: If you are looking for unique gift-making materials, DK handmade yarn W335 is a great choice. You can knit beautiful gifts, such as hand-knitted scarves, gloves, or embroidered woolen paintings, to warm and surprise your family and friends.
  5. Wholesaler application: For wholesalers, DK woven yarn W335 is a market-competitive product. Wholesalers can supply DK handmade yarn W335 to retailers, handicraft enthusiasts, craft shops, etc. Its high quality raw materials and rich color choices make DK knitted yarn W335 a popular product that attracts consumers.

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