Product details:

Fluffy yarn W339 is a high quality textile product whose main components include 80% super washed merino wool and 20% bamboo fiber. This unique combination gives the yarn excellent performance and comfort.

Product characteristics:

  1. HIGH QUALITY COMPOSITION: 80% of Fluffy Yarn W339 is made of super washed merino wool, a top quality wool with excellent warmth and softness. Additionally, 20% bamboo fiber was added to give the yarn better breathability and antibacterial properties.
  2. Lightweight and comfortable: Thanks to the addition of bamboo fiber, Fluffy Yarn W339 has a lightweight texture, making it comfortable to wear. Its softness and breathability make the yarn suitable for garment making in all seasons.
  3. Brushing effect: Fluffy yarn W339 uses a special process during production to produce a fine fleece effect on the surface of the yarn through mechanical friction. This fleecing effect increases the three-dimensional effect and feel of the yarn, making the finished product more textured.
  4. Excellent textile performance: The yarn spool of Fluffy Yarn W339 is 350m/100g. The moderate yarn spindle makes it suitable for a variety of textile processes, such as knitting, crocheting and weaving. The yarn’s uniformity and stability make it easy to handle and suitable for manual and mechanical production.

Production process:

  1. Raw material collection: High quality super washed merino wool and bamboo fiber are selected as the main raw materials for Fluffy Yarn W339. These raw materials are rigorously screened and tested to ensure quality and purity.
  2. Blending treatment: 80% of super-washed merino wool and 20% bamboo fiber are blended in a specific ratio and fully integrated through a special process to form the basic structure of the yarn.
  3. Bracing process: Through the mechanical bracing process, the fibers on the surface of the yarn are rubbed to form a slight fleecing effect. This process requires precise control to ensure the texture and appearance of the yarn.
  4. Weaving and finishing: Using fleece yarn in the textile process, various clothing, household goods, etc. can be made. During the weaving process, the yarn is treated by a loom or knitting machine to form the final product. Then, through a finishing process, the yarn is made flatter, softer, and easier to use.

Fluffy yarn W339 is a textile with high quality and unique characteristics, suitable for all kinds of manual and mechanical textile processes. Its softness, breathability and fleecy effect give the finished product excellent texture and comfort. Whether making clothing or household items, Fluffy yarn W339 can add unique value and appeal to products.

Packaging and delivery:


To ensure the safety and integrity of our products during transportation and storage, we use professional packaging methods. Fluffy yarn W339 is usually sold in bundles or rolls. The specific packaging method is as follows:

  1. Bundling: Yarns are bundled according to length and weight. A common method is to roll the yarn into a tight round or oval bundle. This packaging makes the yarn easy to store and carry, and keeps the yarn neat and shaped.
  2. Packaging in rolls: Yarns can be packaged in rolls, often the yarn is wrapped around a paper or plastic tube. This packaging makes it easy to unroll and manage the yarn when using it, while protecting the yarn from damage.

We will provide proper packaging according to your order and requirements to ensure that the product remains in good condition during shipping.


We’ll select the right logistics partner for delivery based on your order and your region. Here’s the general shipping process:

  1. Order Confirmation: We will confirm order details with you, including quantity, packaging requirements, and shipping address. Please make sure to provide accurate and complete information to ensure a smooth shipment.
  2. Handling and packaging: Once the order is confirmed, we will pack the product according to your requirements. We take careful steps to ensure the quality and integrity of our products.
  3. Logistics arrangements: We coordinate logistics and transportation arrangements with our logistics partners. Transit times may vary depending on the destination and mode of transportation.
  4. Shipment notice: Once your order has shipped, we will provide a shipping notification and the relevant shipping tracking number (if applicable) so that you can track the progress of the shipment at any time.