The lace yarn W442 is a delicate and high quality product made of 100% super washed merino raw materials. This merino has excellent texture and softness to the touch, making the product excellent in terms of both comfort and texture.

We have specially selected 600m/100g yarn spools to ensure the product has excellent quality and fine fabric structure. This yarn is fine and uniform, bringing a high level of detail and refinement to the product. Whether you touch it or look at it, you can feel the beauty of the fabric.

The lace yarn W442 is not only pleasant to the touch, but also shows a breathtaking lace pattern. Every inch of detail has been carefully designed and crafted to make the product more appealing in appearance. The beauty and subtlety of this lace will add a charming charm to your trendy look.

In addition to its high quality materials and exquisite design, lace yarn W442 is also characterized by excellent durability and easy maintenance. You can safely use and clean this product without worrying about its quality being compromised. It’s a premium fashion accessory that will give you a great performance whether it’s for everyday wear or for a special occasion.

Production process:

  1. Raw material selection: High quality 100% super washed merino is selected as the main ingredient. This merino has a soft feel and excellent texture, providing comfort and high quality to the final product.
  2. Spinning: Merino raw materials are spun and converted into yarn. In this step, choose 600m/100g yarn to ensure that the product has a fine fabric structure.
  3. Weaving: Professional looms are used to weave, and the yarn is woven into lace fabric according to design requirements. During the weaving process, the weaving tension and speed need to be strictly controlled to ensure that the details and patterns of the product are accurate.
  4. Finishing: After weaving is complete, finishing processes are carried out, including removing impurities, trimming edges, and finishing details. This step aims to make the product look more beautiful and ensure that the product meets the design requirements.
  5. Dyeing and finishing: According to design requirements, the lace is dyed to obtain the desired color and effect. Afterwards, the product is finished, including steps such as washing, drying, and ironing to add shine and flatness.
  6. Quality inspection: Strict quality inspection of finished products is carried out to ensure that the products meet the expected standards. Inspection items include aspects such as color fastness, fabric structure, lace pattern integrity, and overall quality.
  7. Packaging and shipping: Qualified products are packaged to protect their integrity during transportation and storage. In the end, the product is shipped as ordered and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Packaging and delivery:

  1. Packaging design: Design a box or bag specially tailored for lace yarn W442 to show the characteristics and brand of the product. Packaging designs can use beautiful patterns, logos, and text to attract consumers’ attention.
  2. Packaging materials: Choose high-quality packaging materials such as cartons, plastic bags, or cloth bags to protect the product from damage and contamination. Ensure packaging materials meet environmental requirements and provide sufficient protection to ensure product safety during transportation.
  3. Product placement: Place the lace yarn W442 properly in the box or bag to maintain its shape and quality. Materials such as paper, plastic film, or string may be used to prevent the product from moving and wrinkling during packaging.
  4. Labels and instructions: Attach labels and instructions to provide essential information about the product, material composition, and usage methods. Make sure labels and instructions are clear and easy to read so consumers can understand the product’s characteristics and maintenance requirements.
  5. Express delivery and delivery: Choose a reliable courier partner to ensure that products reach their destination safely and quickly. Seal the appropriate package and select the appropriate courier and shipping method according to the customer’s requirements.
  6. Delivery notice: Send a shipping notification to the customer, including information such as the order number, courier tracking number, and estimated delivery time. Ensure that customers keep abreast of product delivery status and provide necessary support and tracking services.