Product Overview

Lace yarn W445 is a high quality textile product known for its superior composition and unique production process. It’s made from a 50% yak and 50% ultra-fine merino super-wash blend to provide excellent softness, comfort, and durability.

Product characteristics

  1. Material: The lace yarn W445 uses a high quality yak and ultra-fine merino super wash blend to ensure softness and comfort.
  2. Yarn: The length of each 100 grams of yarn is 785 meters, providing the product with a fine and uniform textile texture.
  3. Color: A variety of color options are available to meet the needs of different markets and customers.
  4. Elasticity: The product has good elasticity and is suitable for various clothing designs and textile applications.

Production process

  1. Selection of raw materials: We carefully select high quality yak and ultra-fine merino super wash as the main ingredients of our products. Yak provides natural softness and warmth, while the ultra-fine merino super wash gives the product excellent texture and durability.
  2. Textile process: We use advanced textile technology to blend yak and ultra-fine merino super-wash fibers to ensure even distribution and tight connections between the fibers. This process ensures the softness, comfort, and durability of the product.
  3. Dyeing and finishing: After the textile is finished, the product undergoes a careful dyeing and finishing process to ensure the vividness and durability of the color. The finishing process also helps the flatness and texture of the product.

Areas of application

Lace yarn W445 is widely used in haute couture, underwear, home textiles and other fields. Its soft texture and high-quality textile process make it the material of choice for designers and manufacturers.

Packaging and delivery

  1. Packaging material selection: We use high quality packaging materials such as waterproof plastic bags, foam pads, and cartons to ensure that products are properly protected during transportation.
  2. Appropriate packaging: We select the right package size based on the size and quantity of the product to ensure that the product remains secure in the package and avoid excessive waste of packaging materials.
  3. Packaging process: Our staff are professionally trained to pack according to standard operating procedures. Products are quality checked before packaging to ensure that they are not defective or damaged.
  4. Identification and labeling: Each box will include the necessary information such as the product name, quantity, and specifications. We also affix appropriate labels and warning signs to packages for identification and handling during shipping.
  5. Logistics partners: We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure that products reach their destinations on time and safely. We will select the best logistics solution according to your requirements and region.
  6. Delivery notice: We will keep you informed as soon as the product is ready to ship, and provide shipping details and tracking number so you can keep up to date with the progress of the product’s shipping.

Purchase information

For more information on purchasing lace yarn W445, please contact our sales team. We will provide detailed product specifications, prices, and delivery information according to your needs.

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