lace yarn W459. This product is made from 100% super washed merino ingredients and has excellent quality and material composition. The yarn density is 800m per 100 grams, providing you with an excellent weaving experience.


Why do we recommend lace yarn W459?

PREMIUM ULTRA WASH MERINO: The super washed merino ingredients we use are of superior quality and softness. It has been specially treated to ensure the product’s cleanliness and comfort, leaving your skin feeling unparalleled smoothness.

  1. Yarn density 800m/100g: The yarn density of lace yarn W459 is 800m/100g, providing you with excellent strength and durability. This high-density yarn allows you to create fine and strong fabrics that are suitable for a variety of uses, whether it’s clothing design or handicrafts.
  2. Multi-purpose use: lace yarn W459 is suitable for a variety of uses, including clothing, home decoration, handicrafts, etc. You can use it to design beautiful dresses, elegant drapes, exquisite jewelry, and more to add a unique style and texture to your creations.
  3. Weaving experience: We are committed to providing a superior weaving experience. The quality and textile characteristics of lace yarn W459 make it easy to handle and handle, making it easy to use whether you are a professional designer or a handmade enthusiast.
  4. BEAUTIFUL AND STYLISH: Lace yarn W459 is famous for its fine patterns and delicate textures. It can add a delicate, elegant, and stylish touch to your work, making your creations more compelling.

Recommended dosage and needle size:

Dosage recommendations: The exact dosage depends on your project and design needs. Generally, we recommend that you determine the amount you use based on the size of your design and the thickness of the fabric you need. For most projects, we recommend buying in meters to ensure you have enough materials to complete your project.

Needle size recommendation: According to the yarn density of lace yarn W459 is 800m/100g, we recommend that you use a needle size suitable for this thread density. Generally speaking, the denser the yarn, the thinner the needle size. According to experience, needle sizes between 2.0mm and 4.0mm are a common selection range, and the specific needle size selection can also be adjusted according to your personal preferences and fabric effects.

These are just general suggestions. The specific dosage and needle size selection also depends on your design and project requirements, which you can adjust based on your own experience and preferences.

Lace yarn W459 is one of our star products. It is made of 100% super washed merino material and has a yarn density of 800m/100g, providing you with excellent texture and durability. Known for its exquisite patterns, delicate texture and soft touch, our lace yarn W459 is the go-to choice for fashion designers and crafters.

We offer flexible order and customization options for wholesalers. You can choose the right color, size and quantity according to your needs to meet the requirements of different customers. We also offer competitive prices and flexible wholesale discounts to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy expert customer support and excellent service. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide product suggestions, and ensure timely delivery of your order. We work with logistics partners around the world to ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time.


At Loyal Yarns, we always put quality and customer satisfaction first. The lace yarn W459 undergoes strict quality control to ensure that the products meet the highest standards. Our goal is to provide you with quality materials to help you realize your ideas and design ideas.