Product features:

  1. PREMIUM COMPOSITION: DK woven yarn W411 is made with 100% super washed merino to ensure top quality. Super Washed Merino is a soft, comfortable fiber material with excellent thermal properties that provide you with a warm and comfortable experience.
  2. High yarn density: The yarn spool of DK woven yarn W411 is 225m/100g, which has a high spindle density. This means there are 225 meters of yarn for every 100 grams of yarn, providing more thread length, enabling you to complete more knitting or embroidering work within a certain length. The high yarn density also makes the wool more delicate, making it suitable for making delicate knitwear.
  3. Brilliant colors: DK knitted yarn W411 offers a variety of gorgeous color options to meet your different creative needs. You can create a unique work by choosing the right color combination according to your personal preferences and project needs.
  4. Strong durability: DK woven yarn W411 has been carefully treated to have excellent durability and can withstand long periods of use and cleaning to maintain its original quality and appearance. Whether you’re making apparel, home decor, or other handmade items, DK handmade yarn W411 ensures your creations are built to last.

Needle recommendations:

  1. Knitting projects: For knitting projects, it is recommended to use needle sizes between 3.5mm and 5mm for proper knitting density and texture. You can choose a type of knitting needle such as a straight needle, a spiral needle, or a set of needles, depending on your preferences and project needs.
  2. Embroidery projects: For embroidery projects, you can choose the right embroidery needle and thread size, according to the level of detail and pattern requirements of the embroidery. The softness and fineness of DK knitted yarn W411 makes it ideal for fine embroidery work, whether flat or three-dimensional, showing excellent results.

Dosage recommendations:

  1. Knitting project: If you are working on a knitting project, the amount will depend on the size and style of the item you plan to make. Generally, you can refer to the recommended dosage guidelines on the ball of yarn based on the needle size and needle style you choose. For smaller items such as hats, scarves, or gloves, a ball of yarn (usually 50 grams or 100 grams) is usually sufficient. For larger projects such as sweaters or blankets, you may need more than one ball of yarn.
  2. Embroidery projects: For embroidery projects, the amount used also depends on the size and level of detail of the pattern you embroider. You can estimate the amount of thread required based on the area and thread density of the embroidered pattern. Generally speaking, you can choose a yarn thread of appropriate length according to your embroidery area and the complexity of the pattern.

Maintenance and maintenance:

  1. Gentle wash: It is recommended to use mild detergent or special fleece detergent to clean DK textile yarn W411. Avoid strong detergents or bleaches that may damage the fibers or discolor. Be sure to follow the instructions for use of the detergent.
  2. Hand wash is best: Hand washing is the safest and most gentle way to clean DK underwear yarn W411. Soak the yarn in warm water, add an appropriate amount of detergent, gently rub the yarn, then rinse clean with clean water. Avoid rubbing or twisting the yarn excessively, which may cause the yarn to deform or fluff.
  3. Avoid drying: It is recommended to let the DK woven yarn W411 dry naturally after washing and avoid using a dryer. Excessive exposure to high temperatures may cause wool to shrink or damage fiber structure. Lay the yarn flat or hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area.
  4. Storage note: DK woven yarn W411 should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment. Place the yarn in a dry bag or container to protect it from dust, moisture, and pests. Avoid exposing the yarn to direct sunlight for a long time, as this may cause the color to fade.
  5. Gentle treatment: When using DK woven yarn W411 for knitting or embroidering, try to avoid severe pulling or excessive tension, which may cause the yarn to break or deform. When storing and carrying, roll up the yarn instead of folding it to avoid noticeable creases.