Product characteristics:

  • Composition: The composition of sport yarn W489 consists of 90% super-washed merino wool and 10% bamboo fiber. This combination provides the warmth and softness of premium wool, while the addition of bamboo fiber increases the flexibility and breathability of the fabric.
  • Thread: Sport Yarn W489’s thread count is 300m/100g. A yarn branch indicates the length of yarn per unit weight, that is, the length of every 100 grams of yarn is 300 meters. This indicator can be used to determine the thickness of the yarn. Larger indicates that the yarn is thinner.
  • Soft and comfortable: The sport yarn W489 has been carefully processed and has a soft, skin-friendly touch, making the woven items comfortable and warm.
  • Warming properties: As the main ingredient is merino wool, sport yarn W489 provides excellent insulation in cold weather to help keep the body warm.
  • Breathability: The addition of bamboo fiber allows sport yarn W489 to have good breathability and can be used in different seasons to avoid excessive stuffiness.
  • Elasticity and durability: Sport yarn W489 has a certain degree of elasticity, making the fabric have good ductility and resilience. Furthermore, it also has high durability, making the fabric durable.

Suggestions for use:

  • Knitted clothes: You can use sport yarn W489 to make knitted garments such as sweaters, cashmere sweaters, hats and gloves. These fabrics will provide a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • Scarves and shawls: The softness of sport yarn W489 makes it perfect for making scarves and shawls. You can weave a beautiful scarf to add style and warmth.
  • Home Decor: With sport yarn W489, you can make fabric home decorations such as blankets, cushions, cushions, etc. They will add warmth and comfort to your home environment.
  • DIY projects: sport yarn W489 is suitable for all kinds of DIY craft projects such as plush toys, charms, and small decorations. You can get creative and make a personalized gift or ornament.

Usage tips:

  1. It is recommended that you follow the product’s washing instructions for cleaning and care.
  2. Before first use, a light pre-wash can be done to remove any residue that may be present.
  3. Hand washing or using a gentle washing machine program is recommended, avoiding using too hot water or vigorous stirring to prevent sport yarn W489 from deforming or shrinking.
  4. Lay flat to dry or follow product instructions to dry.
  5. Disclaimers:

Although sport yarn W489 is of high quality and durability, the effect of the final product is also influenced by the crafter’s skill and fabric design. We recommend proper testing and sample making prior to use to ensure satisfactory results in the end.

Things to note:

  • Due to differences in monitors, the color of the actual product may vary slightly from the picture.
  • Please avoid exposing sport yarn W489 near fire sources to prevent damage to the yarn or starting a fire.