Ingredient ratio:

55% Super Washed Merino Wool: This wool is a carefully selected high quality fiber with excellent softness and comfort. It has been specially washed to ensure softness and durability while providing excellent warmth. You can feel free to use this yarn to knit clothes and accessories for all seasons.

45% SILK: Silk is a luxurious natural fiber with luster and softness. This combination of fibers blended with merino wool adds an elegant and silky texture to the yarn. The addition of silk makes this silk DK W380 lighter and more comfortable, and gives the woven fabric a unique luster.


Thread: 220m/100g

Our Silk DK W380 is supplied in 220m/100g threads, providing you with plenty of length to complete more knitting projects. This medium yarn thickness is suitable for a variety of knitting techniques and stitches. You can adjust the size of the stitches as needed to achieve your ideal knitting results.

Applicable items:

  1. Sweaters and cardigans: You can knit warm and stylish sweaters and cardigans with this yarn to brighten up your wardrobe.
  2. Scarves and shawls: Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your outfit by knitting a scarf or shawl with this silk DK W380.
  3. Hat and gloves: Stay warm and stylish by knitting soft and comfortable hats and gloves for yourself or others.
  4. Home Decor: You can also use this yarn to knit home decorations such as cushions, blankets, and seat cushions to add warmth to your home environment.

Production strength:

Royal Yarns has advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the production of high-quality silk DK W380. They use the latest spinning technology and quality control standards, and strictly control everything from raw material procurement to finished product packaging. Manufacturers pay attention to fiber selection and blending proportions to ensure that every batch of Silk DK W380 has excellent softness, durability and luster.

Product quality:

Loyal Yarns is committed to providing high quality Silk DK W380 to meet the high requirements of customers. They use fibres that have been rigorously tested and screened to ensure that every yarn is of reliable quality. During production, strict quality control and inspection are carried out to ensure that the products meet high standards. Royal Yarns’ Silk DK W380 has an elegant look, soft touch, and excellent weaving performance, and can meet the needs of a variety of hand knitting projects.

Broad product line:

Royal Yarns offers a diverse Silk DK W380 product line, covering a variety of colors, yarn threads and fiber blending ratios. Whether you’re after a classic style or a trendy trend, you’ll find the right yarn option for your project. They are constantly introducing new styles and colors to meet market needs and customer preferences.

Customer service:

As a professional yarn manufacturer, Loyal Yarns values customer satisfaction and needs. They provide a dedicated customer service team ready to answer customer inquiries and provide technical support. Whether you have questions about product specifications, ordering, color schemes, or usage techniques, they will be patient to answer and assist you. Furthermore, they are able to tailor production according to the specific needs of customers to meet individual requirements.

As a powerful Silk DK W380 manufacturer, Royal Yarns has won the trust of customers with its excellent production strength, high-quality products and professional customer service. Whether you’re looking for a silk DK W380 for