Product features:

  • Lace yarn W568 is a high quality fabric with the characteristics of softness, warmth and luxury.
  • It uses a 85% merino and 15% cotton blend, making the fabric texture superior.
  • The yarn branch is 275m/100g, which indicates the yarn density and fineness of the fabric.

The advantages of Merino cotton yarn:

  1. Warming performance: The main component of wool is merino. Wool is a natural fiber with excellent thermal insulation properties. It effectively maintains body temperature and provides a warm and comfortable wearing experience in cold environments.
  2. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: The cashmere lace fabric is soft and delicate and comfortable to the touch. It uses an ultra-fine merino super-wash blend that makes the fabric softer, doesn’t cause discomfort to the skin when worn, and makes you feel silky to the touch.
  3. Luxurious texture: The cashmere lace uses yak fleece as the raw material. The yak fleece fiber is fine and has high luster, giving the fabric a luxurious texture. It can add a sense of class to your clothing or household items, showing quality and taste.
  4. Durability: Cow velvet lace is made of high quality fiber materials and has strong durability and wear resistance. It can withstand daily use and cleaning, maintaining its good quality and appearance for a long time.
  5. Versatile uses: Cow velvet lace is suitable for all occasions and uses. You can use it as a fabric for clothing such as underwear, warm innerwear, coats, scarves, etc., or for household items such as blankets, cushions, etc. Its versatility makes cowhide lace a very practical and versatile material choice.


  1. 50% yak fleece: Yak fleece is a natural fiber from the plateau region that has excellent insulation properties and a lightweight feel.
  2. 50% Ultra Fine Merino Super Wash: Merino Super Wash is a high quality synthetic fiber with excellent softness and durability.
  3. Product performance:
  4. Insulation performance: The lace yarn W568 uses yak fleece as the main ingredient, which can effectively maintain body temperature and block the entry of cold air from outside, bringing you a warm and comfortable wearing experience.
  5. Soft and comfortable: The addition of Merino Super Wash makes the fabric softer, more delicate to the touch, comfortable to wear, and less prone to static electricity.
  6. Durability: The product is made of high-quality fiber materials, has strong durability and wear resistance, and can withstand regular daily use and cleaning.

Suggestions for use:

  1. Moderate temperature: lace yarn W568 is suitable for use in cool environments. It can be used both as an inner layer of warm clothing and a stylish outer layer.
  2. Cleaning method: Professional dry cleaning or gentle hand washing is recommended to avoid machine washing and soaking for too long to protect the quality and softness of the fabric.
  3. Storage method: Please store the product in a dry and ventilated place away from direct sunlight and humid environments to avoid moisture and damage.


Q1: What season is this product suitable for wearing?

A1: Sport yarn W568 is suitable for wearing in cooler seasons such as autumn and winter. It has excellent warming properties, can effectively maintain body temperature and provide a warm and comfortable wearing experience.

Q2: Does this product require a special cleaning method?

A2: Professional dry cleaning or gentle hand washing is recommended to clean the lace yarn W568. Avoid strong rubbing or soaking too long to avoid damaging the quality and softness of the fabric. Be sure to clean as directed on the cleaning label.

Q3: Is this product prone to static electricity?

A3: Since ultra-fine merino super wash is added to the lace yarn W568, it has a lower static generation rate. However, when certain dry environments are encountered, slight static electricity may still be generated. You can use antistatic spray or wear antistatic clothing to reduce static electricity.

Q4: How durable is this product?

A4: The lace yarn W568 uses high quality fiber materials, which have strong durability and wear resistance. Proper use and care can extend the life of the product. Please avoid friction with sharp objects and follow the cleaning and storage guidelines to protect the quality of the fabric.

Q5: Is this product available in other colors?

A5: We offer a variety of color options, you can choose other colors of cashmere lace in our product line according to your personal preferences and needs. Please visit our official website or contact our customer service team for more details on color choices.