Product Overview:

Alpaca silk yarn W441 is a high quality textile product made of 66% alpaca wool and 34% silk as raw materials. It has excellent texture and spinning properties and is suitable for a variety of textile processes and projects. The yarn branch of Alpaca silk yarn W441 is 620m/100g, providing you with a wide range of choices.

Cost advantage:

  1. Cost of raw materials: Alpaca wool is a high quality natural fiber with excellent insulation properties and a soft texture. Compared to other high-grade fibers, the cost of alpaca wool is lower, making Alpaca silk yarn W441 more competitive in terms of cost.
  2. Blended design: Alpaca silk yarn W441 is designed using a blend of 66% alpaca wool and 34% silk. As a natural fiber, silk is relatively inexpensive and can add luster and softness to the yarn. This blended design allows Alpaca Silk Yarn W441 to achieve a balance in terms of cost and texture.
  3. High yarn branch: Alpaca Silk Yarn W441’s yarn branch is 620m/100g, that is, every 100 grams of yarn can be wound 620 meters. The relatively high yarn count means that each gram of yarn is longer, so the amount of yarn used can be reduced to a certain extent and costs can be reduced.

Scope of application:

  1. Knitwear: Alpaca silk yarn W441 is suitable for making knitted garments, such as sweaters, scarves, gloves, etc. Its alpaca wool composition provides a warm and soft feel, while the silk component adds shine and an elegant look.
  2. Textile decorations: Alpaca silk yarn W441 can be used to make all kinds of textile decorations, such as curtains, carpets, pillows, etc. Its high yarn count and premium ingredients make the textile more durable and have a luxurious feel and appearance.
  3. Handicrafts: Due to its softness and high thread count, Alpaca silk yarn W441 is ideal for making handicrafts such as knitting, embroidery, and textile arts. You can use your imagination to create unique and beautiful creations.

Maintenance details:

  1. Gentle cleaning: Gentle cleaning methods such as hand washing or gentle washing machine mode are recommended. Use warm water and a professional wool or silk detergent and avoid strong rubbing or rubbing. Avoid bleach and strong alkaline cleaners.
  2. Lay flat to dry: After cleaning, gently squeeze out any excess moisture, then lay Alpaca Silk Yarn W441 flat on a clean towel or flat surface to dry. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight to avoid damaging the texture and color of the yarn.
  3. Avoid mechanical stretching: Avoid excessive stretching or twisting of Alpaca silk yarn W441 during washing and drying. Gently pat or smooth the textile to restore its shape.
  4. Storage Precautions: When not using Alpaca silk yarn W441, please clean and completely dry it before placing it in a dry, ventilated place. It’s best to fold it up rather than hang it to avoid deformation or slack.
  5. Avoid contact with rough materials: Alpaca silk yarn W441 has a soft fiber structure, please avoid contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces to avoid damage or wire loss of yarn.
  6. Handle with care: When using Alpaca silk yarn W441, please handle it carefully to avoid pulling or excessive friction. Avoid contact with sharp jewelry or nails to avoid scratching the yarn.