The characteristics of sport yarn W249

Made from 100% super-washed merino fiber, it’s soft, smooth, doesn’t roll easily, and feels comfortable to the touch.

The yarn branch is 300m/100g, and the length is sufficient, suitable for all kinds of hand knitting projects.

The fiber length is short, the fiber quality is good, it has excellent elasticity and durability, and is not easy to break or deform.

Suitable for all kinds of sportswear items, such as sportswear, fitness wear, casual wear, etc.

The fiber quality of Sport Yarn W249 is good and contains no other fibers, making the quality of the thread superior and more comfortable to the touch.

Sport yarn W249 is mildewproof, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant, making it suitable for long-term wear and use.

Product quality

Sport yarn W249 is manufactured by experienced workers under strict quality control to ensure that the quality of each coil meets high quality standards. The product is made of 100% super washed merino fiber, which is short in length, good quality, and has excellent elasticity and durability. It’s not easy to break or deform when woven, and can give your sportswear excellent results.

Application scenarios

Sport yarn W249 is suitable for all kinds of sportswear items, such as sportswear, fitness wear, casual wear, etc. Its soft, smooth, and not easy to roll up makes hand-woven sportswear more comfortable. It has excellent breathability and sweat absorption, and also has the functions of being mildew, stain resistant, and odor resistant, making it suitable for long-term wear and use. Whether you are a sports lover or a clothing designer, you can create high quality sportswear with sport yarn W249.

Packaging specifications

The packing size of sport yarn W249 is usually 100 grams per roll, and the length of the line is about 300 meters. Each roll of wire is packed in a plastic bag or carton to ensure the product is dry and clean.

The package usually has the brand name and product information printed on it, making it easy for customers to view and identify. During the wholesale and retail process, the packaging of sport yarn W249 will also be adjusted according to different sales methods. For example, wholesalers can require multiple rolls of wire to be packed in a box for easy transportation and management; retailers can pack each roll separately and include a product label and instructions for use to facilitate sales to end users. In short, the packing size of sport yarn W249 is usually a roll of 100 grams, and the line length is about 300 meters, which can be customized and adjusted according to your needs.

Loyal Yarns guarantees product quality, ensures that every coil meets high quality standards, and also provides excellent after-sales service to fully support your hand knitting project. If you are a sportswear designer or a fan of hand knitting, we welcome you to experience our products and we will be happy to help you!

Precautions to avoid cutting the thread frequently: Since the fiber length of Sport Yarn W249 is short, frequent cutting of the thread will affect the knitting effect, so it is recommended to avoid cutting the thread frequently during use.

Be careful to choose the right needle: Since sport yarn W249 has fine threads and is not suitable for knitting with thick needles, it is recommended to use a needle with a needle size between 3-4 mm for knitting.

Be careful to maintain the knitting tension: Care should be taken to maintain proper tension during the knitting process to ensure the knitting effect and the quality of the thread.

Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance: The fibers of Sport Yarn W249 are mildewproof, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant, but care must still be taken in cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended to wash or dry clean the thread before use to remove any stains and bacteria that may be present.

Take care of protection and storage: Sport yarn W249 should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated place away from direct sunlight and humidity. During storage, friction and squeezing with other items should be avoided to avoid affecting the quality and appearance of the thread.

Pay attention to safety of use: During use, you should pay attention to the safety of use to avoid the wire getting tangled, wrapped around or stuck, so as not to cause damage.