Company strength:

Royal Yarns is a well-known company focused on textile manufacturing, with many years of industry experience and technical strength. We focus on product quality and innovation, and are committed to providing customers with high quality textile products.

Product Overview:

  1. Composition: Our cashmere yarn W474 is made from a blend of 64% pure cashmere and 36% ultra-fine merino wool. This unique ratio of ingredients makes the yarn both soft and comfortable as cashmere and the elasticity and durability of merino wool.
  2. Yarn count: Our cashmere yarn W474 has a thread count of 250m/50g, which is a moderate yarn thickness that is ideal for making all kinds of garments and knitwear.
  3. Texture: cashmere yarn W474 has a lightweight and soft texture, perfect for making warm and comfortable winter clothing. The fluff effect on the surface of the yarn increases the yarn’s warmth, while also adding texture and beauty to the work.

Product core advantages:

  1. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The cashmere and ultra-fine merino wool we use are carefully selected to ensure the quality and comfort of the yarn. These natural materials have excellent thermal properties and breathability, making the knitwear they make very comfortable.
  2. Lightweight and soft: The fibers of cashmere yarn W474 are very fine, the texture is light and soft, and very comfortable to the touch. You will feel its unique warmth and softness when you wear the garments you make or use the woven fabric.
  3. Durability: The merino wool in the yarn provides elasticity and durability, making items made from cashmere yarn W474 have good durability. You can safely wash and use these crafted items for a long time without worrying about quality issues.
  4. Versatility: Because cashmere yarn W474 has excellent thermal insulation properties and texture, it is ideal for making all kinds of knitwear such as sweaters, scarves, hats, etc. You can create unique styles and designs based on your preferences and needs.


What seasons and temperatures is cashmere yarn W474 suitable for?

The cashmere yarn W474 is suitable for cold seasons and low temperature climates. It has excellent warming properties and is effective in keeping the body warm.


How to clean cashmere yarn W474 products?

Cleaning is recommended according to the cleaning instructions on the product label. Normally, cashmere yarn W474 products should use mild detergent, gently hand wash in cold water or choose a fleece washing mode. Avoid excessive rubbing or twisting, gently pat moisture and lay flat to dry.


Is the cashmere yarn W474 easy to play?

Due to the softness of cashmere fiber, cashmere yarn W474 may cause slight rolling during use. This is normal, and you can gently trim off the ball part by using a ball trimmer or small scissors.


Which styles of knitwear are suitable for the yarn thickness of cashmere yarn W474?

The yarn thickness of cashmere yarn W474 is 250m/50g, which is a moderately thick yarn. It is suitable for making various styles of knitwear such as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and knitted household items.


Is cashmere yarn W474 good for beginners?

The cashmere yarn W474 is a great choice for beginners. It’s soft and easy to use, it’s easy to knit, suitable for beginners to master basic knitting techniques and be able to make high quality knitwear.